SPARE TIRE Yorkshire


NCH9 Awe Struck 38-3  x  Charge On

Bred by Bona Vista Farms, Oh


We were not looking but the Michael’s called and said they had a really good York boar out of Awe Struck we needed to come see him. He did not disappoint and after two blown tires on the trailer, we got him home. We really like his overall look, design and build. Big legged, good footed, great fronted with a natural high head carriage. He is wide chested, square, level and strong topped with ideal width, shape and power.  Having a slight injury as a young pig, he still tracks well off both ends.  His littermate sister was a popular class winning gilt at the 2021 Oh. State Fair.  Great pedigree and phenotype – use with confidence and make better Yorkshires.