Heartstopper x Sledge Hammer

Bred by and Owned with Croy Polands

As a March 2020 model, One Eye Jack came to Breeder’s Choice late last fall, so he did not see much action. We really like his build and overall design.  He is heavy boned, big footed, and stout in his overall makeup. He offers a great look with great shape and expression and power throughout. In addition, he has a big center rib, is square and true with great base width coming and going.  We pictured and shot video of him this spring as a yearling and he still Looks great.

His Sire is Heartstopper at the Hortons, Oklahoma and the dam of One Eye Jack is a littermate to Dennis’ 2019 Hog College Boar, Bear Cat that had lots of friends that year at the NBS.  It doesn’t hurt that they are sired by our very successful Sledge Hammer.   Solid sire here that will breed with quality and predictability.