Commitment Chester White


Bred by Kaufman Farms, Ill

YNTS0 Cover Boy 25-1  x  8 Conductor 9-2

Owned with Banister and Heppe


Purchased at the 2021 STC, Commitment is a well-balanced, attractive, structurally correct boar that offers width, power, and mass throughout.  We really admire Commitment from the side being elevated and extended.  He offers squareness and great shape of top, with excellent width coming and going tracking true and square to the ground.   His angles are great,  hind leg set is very good and his flexibility is hard to beat!  Commitment’s Dam was 2019 Class winning and 5th overall Chester Gilt Jr. Show WPX and then Grand Gilt n WPX open Show. A Chester Boar that we think can get it done making winning chesters in the future.