Getting High Yorkshire


We think we found a really special York boar in Getting High. Purchased at the 2020 SWTC, this guy excels in so many areas!

His design, build and overall look are so impressive.  He is bold coming and going, big ribbed, massive, heavy boned, sound, big topped

with a powerful hip and muscular ham and stifle.  He is stout in his bone, tall at the shoulder with a cool extended front while being powerful coming and going

On a great set of feet and legs. Getting High has the power, look and build we think to make both purebreds and crosses. Get High on this one as we feel he has great possibilities!


TMGS9 TCG Freak of the Week  x  RIY6 Stock Broker 66-1

Bred By Taylor Made Genetics
Owned with Schwartz Livestock – Tx., Banister Showstock –Oh. and Kralj – Pa.