NUEVO Chester White


Nuevo is one of my favorites to add to our Chester boar line up. He is unique in many ways and designed with the future in mind. He is up-headed, long necked and extended. He is tall fronted with a big forearm, thick and shapely down his back with squareness about his rump and caries his muscling down through his lower ham and stifle.   He has a bold center rib, length of side, and square to the ground with a great set to his hip, which allows him to be flexible, true in his step and sound throughout.  We think he is cool with power, balance and that look to make really competitive chester show pigs! 

Breeding Details

KASS6 Adios x DVG3 d-e-a-d- DEAD 126-3

Bred by Norman Bros, Ill   

Stress - Negative