Dusty Hinge 41-2  Duroc


Dusty Hinge is a late addition to breeders choice simply because he is a young March Boar. This guy is busted open coming at you with width through his chest and rib. Stout, Heavy Boned Are just some of his other descriptors. We love his over all mass and muscling throughout with a big square top, rump and stifle. This guy is athletic and fluid in his motion – yet is heavy boned with a big fore arm and foot. He is correct on his feet, up on his pasterns and and sets with a great hip and hind leg. We like this guy a lot and feel he can generate some great show pigs!


Breeding Details

  • 3Day5 Back Door 10-4  x  NWEI5 Bull Dust 36-3

  • Bred by Pierce & O’Dell, OH