Most Wanted 12- 3  Exotic


We got a late call from Rusty about these littermate boars and we could not decide which we liked best so they both came home to Breeder’s Choice. 12-3 and 12-6 are powerhouses in terms of shape and width driving at you with squareness and power as they leave you with a huge hip. Both Boars have great stifle shape and are square to the ground. Both Boars are huge ribbed top to bottom, are thick and square topped. They are both level from the side and tall fronted, yet very stout in their features being stout skulled and huge legged with giant feet. Soundness and flexibility on the move is really good for the amount of power and mass they possess. Their pasterns and feet set are good and stay square and within themselves on the move. 12-3 is a true power hog from end to end. 12-6 has a more look with the power. These guys need used – Tremendous pedigree - Great Potential! Stress pending

Breeding Details

  • Most Wanted x {True Grit x Role Model}
  • Bred By Rusty Coe, Ohk