Chopper  Berkshire


Here is a young boar out of the Conover herd that is one cool Berkshire boar. The Creason’s purchased this guy on line and have fed him up to be an outstanding Berk sire with lots of potential. His design, build, structure and look are so good for a boar. He is busted open coming at you, deep sided with a big bold rib, tremendous shape of top, rump and hams. His angles are correct, he is tremendous in his structure with big feet, he travels square and true on the corners and is as mobile and sound as they come. We really like his potential to make those extra attractive show gilts and barrows. Semen early on may be limited due to his young age so call ahead to be sure to get in on the action. We like this one!

Breeding Details

  • AIPK4 Uncommon x NF2 Hostile Takeover
  • Bred By Brice Conover
  • Owned by Creason Genetics, Mo.