Amplifier  Yorkshire


Wow, what an opportunity we have to offer in a York Boar. Rusty purchased this guy online from Olson’s as a pig and fed him. To quote Olson’s about Amplifier as a young boar – “Here’s the super cool boar pig of the incredible litter 3. His design and build are impeccable with a great running gear. Think of the possibilities. This guy comes from what I consider to be one of the great litters we’ve ever put together.” A littermate gilt sold for $6750 and won her NJSA class at Louisville and Olson’s exhibited & sold a boar for $3500 to Check Real.

Amplifier is tall fronted, level and correct is his makeup. He is built right through his hip & hind leg with big feet – is square coming and going. He has great shape to his top. He is stout yet extyended with great power to his upper forerib all the way to a big square rump. The look, shape, stoutness power with great feet and legs – Think of the Possibilities – Thanks Rusty!

Breeding Details

  • CDO4 Surge 294-5 x The Journey
  • Bred by Olson Yorks, SD
  • Purchased from Rusty Coe, Oh