The Natural Yorkshire


The Natural is a boar we picked up last fall from Dustin as a 40 pound boar pig.  He was really fun to grow out and thus his name.  The Natural is as true and honest in his overall design, look and build.  He is heavy boned, sure footed, agile and sound as a cat.  He has a great rib and center dimension; he’s bold coming at you and walks away wide and on the corners the way they should be. The Natural has plenty of muscle and shape in his top and rump and carries his thickness through his hams and stifle. I loved his sire at the 2013 WPX, I really like this boar and  feel this boar has the pedigree, power and eye appeal in a functional package to make really good Yorkshire showpigs!

Breeding Details

  • Final Proof  x  The Grizz

  • Bred by Dustin Shuffler, Texas