Footprint Spot


A private treaty purchase form Isla Grande Farms. Foot Print is out of the $13,500 Mays/Derr bred gilt Rick had purchased at the 2014 WPX.  We loved this bred gilt and were excited that we had the opportunity to purchase a boar from the litter. FOOT PRINT is a sure powerhouse of a spotted boar.  He is a good as I have seen in a long time through his front three quarters.  He is the stoutest boned, biggest footed spotted boar we have in stud.  He is a stout skulled boar and carries this stoutness into an incredibly big shoulder blade, forearm and ribcage. He drives at you with great width and squareness to his chest and knee and goes away with very good top shape and a big square hip and stifle.   He is long bodied, level topped and extremely square made. Foot Print is agile and fluid in his movement. He is a big ribbed, thick made boar with lots of center body.  Maybe one of the best we have ever had. Let him put his Foot Print in your herd and make some great spotted show pigs!

Breeding Details

  • 1 Happy Feet 14-3 x KDW2 Big Foot 9-5
  • Bred by Mays Purchased from Isla Grande Farms, Ohio
  • Negative Mating