Devil's Cut Duroc


Our Purchase from the 2015 WPX, Devil’s Cut impresses us each and every day we have had him.  He is one Massive Duroc Boar from end to end! Devil’s Cut is very stout structured and heavy boned with great big feet and even toes. He has great set to his hip and hind leg making him very sound and agile. He has a huge chest floor that extends into a powerful, massive rib. Excellent expression of muscling throughout, Devil’s Cut has a big, square top and rump that continues into a big set of hams and stifle. A littermate gilt at the expo sold to Shipley Genetics for $3750.  One of the best Duroc Boars we have placed here, we expect this one to make an impact making better durocs!

Breeding Details

  • Hell on Wheels  x  ICE

  • Bred by Nelson Brothers, South Dakota